Buyer Guide

New to UK and London property? Or just need a refresher? Our buyer guide will help you navigate the world of purchasing property in the UK and London, with advice on everything from preparing a home for sale to finding the right solicitor to what it's really like living in the UK. We aim to answer the questions everyone's asking about UK property - and address a few things you might not have considered. 

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How To Buy Property in the UK

A nine-step overview on the property purchase process in the UK. From setting your budget to embarking on a search, discover the steps you'll need to take to find that ideal lifestyle or investment property in London or the UK. Read more here.

Paying tax on your UK property

You might know about stamp duty tax, but if you're not living in your home you'll also be required to pay income tax, and when you sell, you could be liable for capital gains tax. Read on to discover more about paying tax on your UK property. Read more here.

How to make an offer on a UK property

How much can you afford? What should you do if you're gazundered - or gazumped? The most important thing when making an offer on UK property is to be informed - and ready for any unexpected surprises during the purchase process. Read more here.

How to sell your UK property quickly

Want to sell in a hurry? There are a few things you can do to speed up your property sale. A lick of paint, some spring cleaning and decluttering will help. The trick is to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in your property. Read our tips to discover how to achieve this. Read more here.

How to find the right conveyance solicitor

Using a conveyance solicitor is an invaluable way of helping your UK property purchase proceed as smoothly as possible. The process can often be complicated: leasehold vs freehold; off-plan vs new build or resale. Using a reputable solicitor means you can be secure in the knowledge your purchase will be completed as painlessly as possible. Read more here.

How to manage your UK property

Becoming a landlord for the first time is an exciting prospect, but it's crucial to know the ins and outs of managing your rental property in order to keep your tenants happy and adhering to the laws that protect landlords and tenants. Read on to discover what you'll need to know about marketing your property and securing the perfect tenant, as well as all the paperwork. Read more here

How to find cheap property in the UK

Buying on a budget? UK property prices are famously high, but there are a few ways to find bargain UK property. If you're willing to go to auction, compromise on location or perhaps take on a doer upper, you might be able to find a property within your budget. Read more here.

Finding the Best Property Investment in the UK

What factors should you consider if you're buying an investment property in the UK? Is location important? What about proximity to local schools, train stations or other lifestyle facilities? How can you ensure excellent capital gains and a swift exit strategy?  Read on to discover what you should look for in an investment property. Read more here.

How to Find The Best Commercial Property in the UK

Looking to buy a hotel, office building or other commercial property in the UK? Investing in commercial property in the UK can be lucrative. It can also be a minefield: where do you start? We explore the best way to find commercial property in the UK. Read more here.