How to sell your UK property quickly

If you've ever sold a home, you'll know there are certain things you can do to increase its desirability and even the asking price. This is known as "staging", and it means preparing your home in such a way as to attract buyers. Correct staging is critical if you want to sell your UK home quickly.



  • Decluttering not only makes a house more attractive, it also helps to depersonalise your home, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Start the process by:
  • Getting rid of items covering surfaces: ornaments, toys, magazines and toiletries. It's important to allow potential buyers to envisage themselves in the space, and allow them to mentally place their own items in your property.
  • Saying that, don't make your house look totally impersonal. Some buyers lack the imagination to mentally redecorate, and need a little help to discover the house's potential.
  • Draw attention to the great parts of your home, emphasising a sunny corner with a comfy reading chair, or to a recessed wall with a home office set up.
  • Get rid of any large, bulky items of furniture that make your house look small.

Fresh coat of paint

Painting your interior walls makes homes look clean and fresh. Buyers who want to move in key-ready often don't want to spend valuable time and money painting. A few tips for painting:

  • Choose a neutral colour, like magnolia, which will make your house feel spacious and light. Strong colours put some buyers off.
  • Paint your front door, too. Choose a bright, sunny colour.
  • Don't forget the bathroom: updated outdated tiles by giving them a lick of paint, too. You'll need to prime the tiles first and then use a ceramic epoxy coating.

Cleaning your home

Minor repairs and spring cleaning

Holes in the walls and cracked tiles are a really bad look when you're trying to sell your home. Check for threadbare carpets, broken doorknobs and grubby walls - the things you've lived with so long you've stopped noticing. However, buyers will.

A lot of people, when thinking about moving out, forget about the small cleaning details they're usually so diligent about. But buyers notice dust and grime, and they'll pick up on your lack of interest in your property. Clean that grouting in the bathroom - and while you're at it, make sure fresh towels are up when potential buyers come round to view.

Don't forget the garden: make sure lawns are mowed, bushes are cut back and your patio is clean of grime.

new kitchen

Update the kitchen

Ask agents what the most sellable feature is of a house, and most will say it's the kitchen. This room will make or break a sale, so consider updating at least the cabinets to give it a fresh, up-to-date look that will push buyer interest up. This can be expensive but it will add a lot of value to your home.

Create the illusion of light and space

Bigger, brighter homes sell. If your home is not naturally large, create the illusion of space with large mirrors in hallways or smaller rooms. Clean windows to let the light in, and replace any broken or burnt-out lightbulbs Make sure curtains are clean, and open during the day. Consider lamps for those dark corners, making your gloomy corners look cosy.

Create a homely feel

Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, and flowers on the dining table. 

Brew fresh coffee, or even bake bread or a cake before viewers come round.

Making small changes to effect a sale can be easier than you think - even on a small budget you'll find there are things you can do to make your home look clean, bright - and desirable to vendors.