How to Find the Right Conveyance Solicitor

The process of buying or selling a property can be made much simpler and speedier with the help of a conveyance solicitor. See our guide as to how, here.

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How to use a conveyance solicitor in the UK

When selling your existing property or buying a brand new home, the lengthy process and the numerous amounts of paperwork can become exhausting. The excitement of moving on to bigger, better and brighter things can be dulled by the time it takes to have everything signed off and before receiving the keys to your new property.That’s where a conveyance solicitor can help. Specialists in the property sales process, they can offer professional legal services to help speed up the transfer of ownership from a seller to a buyer, ensuring that you’re moved in or out of your property in the quickest time possible.

If you’re thinking about selling or buying a property, you may benefit from the services that a conveyance solicitor can offer. Read on to find out more about how to use a conveyance solicitor in the UK, to make your property journey as simple and as stress-free as possible.

Your conveyance solicitor can begin work much earlier than you might think

The majority of UK property owners looking to sell their home, often wait until a price and sale for the property has been agreed, before then choosing to instruct their conveyance solicitor. However, their services can in fact begin much sooner than when the deal is struck, making the overall process much speedier. If you’re interested in working with a conveyance solicitor for the sale of your property, you should consider speaking to them before you even put your property on the market. That way, they are able to start gathering the relevant paperwork ahead of time, ready for when an offer is made. 

The sooner, the better when it comes to leaseholds

If you’re planning on selling a leasehold property - whereby the property itself is owned by you, but the land it resides on is owned by another - it is recommended that you speak to a conveyance solicitor as soon as you know you are looking to make a sale. The process for selling a leasehold is much more complex than that of a freehold, simply due to more people being involved. As such, you should give your conveyance solicitor plenty of time to speak to the different parties involved in your leasehold, such as those who own the freehold or a lettings agent, to name a couple. Simple steps such as this will enable the latter part of the process, that is, after a sale has been agreed, to be completed much quicker, so that you have less time to wait for the completion of the sale.

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The same goes for those looking to purchase a property

By letting a conveyance solicitor know that you are looking to buy a new home in plenty of time before making an offer on a property, they have been made aware that you are looking to use their services and so they can begin the preparations. Knowing which conveyance solicitor you wish to use could even put you ahead of any competition you might have, when it comes to making an offer on the property of your dreams. If the seller is looking for a quick a sale as possible, let them know you already have a conveyance solicitor ready to go ahead with the paperwork. This could encourage them to choose your offer over others, even if the value is slightly less.

Look for conveyance solicitors who offer no move, no fee

You might be wondering if it will cost you any additional fees, when asking a conveyance solicitor to begin their work for you before have agreed a deal on your property. While some might add an additional fee, there are many professionals within the industry that will offer a no move, no fee arrangement with you, whereby you will only be charged a fee for these early services, if you actually buy or sell a property.

Some top tips to help work with a conveyance solicitor
  • There are plenty of solicitors out there that can help you with your conveyancing needs, however the following words of wisdom will ensure you make the right decision when choosing who to work with.
  • Choose a conveyance solicitor that’s local to the area in which you are choosing to buy or sell a property. They will have a detailed knowledge of the area which could come in handy when searches and carried out. Simply use a locational search, such as London conveyance solicitor, to find a team near you.
  • Always compare a number of conveyance solicitors before choosing who to hire. Although your estate agent might recommend a particular firm to you, the fees will probably be higher to cover any commission they receive from it.
  • You’ll find that there are both in-branch and online conveyance solicitors available, so it’s worthwhile doing your research to decide which will be best for you. Many prefer an in-branch solicitor, simply due to the fact that they have someone to talk to in person.
  • While your solicitor will look over forms and contracts sent over from the buyer/seller’s solicitors, you should look over them yourself as well, to make sure you cover anything that could have been missed by the conveyance solicitor. You could end up buying a leasehold without knowing!
  • Your conveyance solicitor will carry out a number of legal checks on the property, such as the title register with the Land Registry and environmental searches, for example. While some searches are imperative, others are optional, so find out what is required from your mortgage lender and then decide whether you would like to go ahead with all or some of the searches.

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